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Approximately such a scenario is scrolling in the head of our contemporary. Arkady's childish imagination drew slightly different pictures. First, he believed that visitors to this kind of establishments are always people with good income (very important!) And good manners, communicating with each other in you and not allowing themselves a strong display of emotions

It seemed to him that the croupier - these are people of middle and older age, in whose hands is the key to wealth, and in order for them to hand it to you, you need not only to ask them well and politely about it, but also to perform some actions in the game in order to correspond to the title Minion of Fate.

Arguing with them is not only unacceptable, but strictly prohibited !!! Otherwise, they will give the key to happiness to someone else. The chamber atmosphere inside only emphasizes the tension hovering in the air, the waiters in black tailcoats carry expensive drinks and cigars on golden trays…

The silence is broken only by the pronunciation of bets and the croupier’s offers to play their game… Everyone is focused on


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